A "construction amnesty" has been announced in Batumi

In an extract from the Public Register of Georgia, the status of "object under construction" is often found, which means that the object has not yet been put into operation. This status does not restrict the rights of the owner and does not interfere with transactions with the object, BUT does not guarantee the conformity of the object to the approved project, and hence its technical perfection.

The law, which only entered into force on July 28, 2021, established a ban on the operation of facilities UNTIL the act on their commissioning is received, but this rule applies only to facilities whose construction permit was issued after January 01, 2022.

As a rule, houses built without a construction permit or with a deviation from the approved project are not put into operation.

In order to change the status of such houses, the state announced a construction amnesty.

In Batumi, the construction amnesty began on June 30, 2023, will last 2 years,

and will affect facilities whose construction was completed by September 26, 2022.

An interested person, to which the Code refers: the original owner/customer, as well as any other interested person whose legitimate interest has been proven both individually and in the form of a joint/shared right/share, can apply for the commissioning of the facility under the amnesty.

Our experts are always aware of the legal status of our facilities and know everything about possible hidden flaws and are happy to share this information with you!
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